Nathan Pearl

Founder & Managing Member



Mako Partners was founded by Nathan Pearl in 2016. Since then he has overseen all investment and operational activity and has guided the firm to numerous awards and accolades within the investment industry. 


In addition to leading operations for Mako Partners, Mr. Pearl co-leads the consumer technology practice at Schweichler, Price, Mullarkey & Barry, the #1 ranked executive search firm in Silicon Valley. There he has worked with clients such as Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Facebook, and others. 


In his earlier career, Mr. Pearl worked in IP Litigation, where he developed analysis and tracking systems for mass litigation cases (with companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Google, and others), and he has also worked as a researcher in laboratories at the Stanford University Department of Psychology, the Stanford Law School, and the Stanford Hospital. 


Mr. Pearl holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Psychology from Stanford University. His strength as a fund manager is derived from the combination of his experience and time spent with the investment community, his experience analyzing large data sets, and his knowledge of human psychology and behavior.


In his free time, Mr. Pearl enjoys playing chess, mountain biking, golfing, playing and watching baseball and football, reading, and listening to podcasts. He lives in San Francisco.